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“When does it make sense to just build my own building and which of these properties works the best?”

If you are considering a piece of property for a new building, please connect with us early in the process so we can work hand-in-hand with your real estate professional to help provide clarity to the technical aspects of the property. We will help you identify any existing constraints like easements, topographical concerns, zoning requirements, or other possible development restrictions. We can then quickly determine the allowable building size for the site, while still meeting necessary parking and other requirements. This information can drastically change the complexion of a property under consideration.

Ground Up Design

We can provide you the full spectrum of design services necessary for site development. Our Civil/Site plans include grading & drainage plans, utility plans, pavement design, sediment & erosion control plans, and other necessary site improvements. We also commonly provide full architectural and engineering plans for the shell building as well. Additionally, if you plan to solicit tenants, we can arrange for architectural renderings for you. We can then seamlessly interlace the tenant improvement drawings for you or any of your tenants.

Ground Up Construction

Despite our excellent relationship with most municipalities, it is rare to see a new building project get full approval by all necessary government agencies on first submittal. We have the ability to know and understand any outstanding issues after first submittal and might be able to start construction earlier than other contractors, due to our familiarity with the design side. A contractor not fully integrated with the design process might feel hesitant to begin with only partial approval and delay the start of construction until full approval is granted. This can result in schedule delays and possible associated seasonal costs. With your designer and contractor all rolled into one, it provides a single source of accountability for your entire project.

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