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“Is there any way for me to get a whole new office feel without actually closing down my operations?”

Yes, but it’s not easy. We begin by fully understanding your desired end result and working with you to establish what that product will look like. From there, we work backwards to your current conditions and fit you with a plan that minimizes lost production. In some instances, lost production does outweigh the benefits of staying in your location and we will make you aware of that reality. Sometimes it may be better to choose a different location and space. Rest assured that we always perform due diligence for you first so you know your options and can make an informed decision.

Permit-Ready Design

If your remodel requires building permits, we will provide you with full architectural and engineering plans ready to submit to the local municipality. If you are simply looking for an aesthetic face-lift of your facility, we will coordinate our design with a decorator who will help you create your new custom office environment. We incorporate your goals into our design to better guide your decisions on finish selections, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and every detail in between.

Remodeling Construction

We spend extra time during the conceptualization and design of your project to meticulously plan for as many details as possible. During a remodel that affects your operations, things need to happen very quickly during the construction. Implementing our unique design-build process ensures the fastest build times possible. Additionally, if something comes up during the remodel that requires a letter of amendment by the design professional, we are your project manager and your design professional, so there is no lost time coordinating between various people.

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